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Afrizon Bespoke Services has developed a bespoke programme which aims to motivate and encourage employment, sustainability for families with what they earn/or opportunities to earn more in tackling the cost of living crisis, offering mentorship opportunities to career driven individuals who lack confidence, and to the long time unemployed who lack the courage/bespoke support to get back into work after a mental/physical sickness, all through our All-In-One information, respite and batch cooking  hub, where the community can access mentoring, batch cooking, respite; also partnering with local business/ and organisations to take on their waste foods that can be processed into sustainable energy in the future, at the same time promoting their products worldwide via our online platform.(Buy & sell from Wales)
The service will be managed and owned by its members/employees meaning, it will benefit generations to come; creating wealth opportunities and fighting poverty through our "safe and invest in your community" formula. Different formulas have been designed to provide bespoke services/opportunities for different individual needs, to satisfy their abilities.
Our services are long term programmes that within a year will have achieved all of its objectives such as, ABS will offer hours of drop-offs while you shop in the centre, go on a date nights, attend a networking event or an educational/training course, using our transportation service and children guides; I hub where all forms of networking and cultural diversity will take place, to weekend respite, then full week respite, in conjunction with local attractions for most deprived children to engage in outdoor learning activities, play groups, farming, teach parents money management/financial sustainability, specialised day trips and wellbeing. In the fullness of time ABS will also attract the marginalised and hard to reach in Newport’s urban society catchment areas and outside of Wales.

Areas Covered

All Areas of The Gambia, Senegal and all UK Airports from Bristol, South Wales, London, Slough, East and West Midlands, Yorkshire, City of Hull, Scotland, Bridgend, Cardiff, Newport, Torfaen, Vale of Glamorgan

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